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Electric Tonneau Covers

The EGR RollTrac Electric Tonneau Cover is an aluminum work of art featuring exclusive patented technology. With a scratch-resistant matte finish, it retracts seamlessly, preventing dust buildup. The anti-pinch feature on our electric bed covers ensures cargo safety, while smart technology allows for fast and interference-sensitive operation of the rolling tonneau cover. Our electric tonneau covers integrate with your truck's central locking system, offering easy open and close with a few taps of your factory key fob. This versatile electric bed cover locks securely in any position along the rail, boasting a dent-resistant poly canister for maximum bed space retention. With a 700lb weight rating and accessory T-slots for customization, the EGR RollTrac electric tonneau cover is the pinnacle of durability, style, and security in the truck bed cover market. Browse our selection of electric retractable tonneau covers to learn more.

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