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Last Updated: July 14th, 2022

Quality Assurance

EGR is committed to providing the highest quality products at competitive prices. We are very proud to be an American manufacturer with an extraordinary reputation for excellence, value, and reliability. We source the finest quality components, and because we manufacture in the U.S., our supply chain is shorter, “greener,” and will give you the best customer service in the industry.

Standard catalog items are made with tools and dies, ensuring consistency and proper component fit. We prepare job folders with all pertinent specifications, etc. that travel with the job as it goes from one department to another. Final quality assurance occurs in final assembly prior to packing. EGR is a IATF certified manufacturer that is proud of what we build.

We're more than just a company trying to sell you a product, we're enthusiasts that build products that we can stand behind.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

EGR offers a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship affecting the quality and function of its products when installed and used in the correct manner.

Products must not have been misused, improperly installed, or subjected to excessive wear and tear for this warranty to apply. The determination is solely up to EGR's Customer Care, and its obligation will be to repair or replace the defective product if approved.

Purchaser determines suitability of all product usage and assumes all risk and liability. Neither the seller nor the manufacturer shall be held liable for any injury, loss or damage resulting from use of the product.

All warranty requests must go through our Customer Care department. Our Customer Care agent will require images of the warranty in question and EGR reserves the right to repair all issues in the field before sending the product back. Contact Customer Care No credits of any kind will be offered without such authorization.

Warranty Claims and Return Requests outside the continental United States are null and void for purchases made directly from our website and third-party resellers. Due to the extreme shipping cost and additional expenses, no warranties can be granted. Canadian customers must contact the place of purchase and work through the retailer to apply for an RGA.

Limited Lifetime Paint to Code Warranty

The EGR Paint-to-Code program was developed to offer our customers an OE-quality finish through our multi-stage painting processes. By using the highest quality products and trained professionals you will receive the same premier quality as you do on our other products. Due to EGR not having control of how much sun exposure, poor care and/or customer abuse to the paint on the vehicle, EGR cannot guarantee a 100% match.

Here are some major reasons why EGR can't guarantee to match your vehicle's original factory paint 100%: (Source: SEMA/Specialty Equipment Market Association)

  • Vehicle makers have three major paint suppliers. Some use all three.
  • Long piping in the OEM plants distorts the metallic flake before reaching the application point. This can affect color and brightness.
  • Oven temperatures change causing some pastels to go yellow or darken.
  • Different application equipment (mini bells, robotics, electrostatic and conventional spray) all paint differently, changing metallic and color appearance.
  • Paint technologies can change at each plant on the same vehicles. Waterborne, base-coat or high-solids paint can be used on the same color.
  • Fluid and air pressure vary on the production lines.
  • Temperature and humidity levels vary on different days.

EGR provides a limited lifetime warranty on paint related to workmanship and materials against blistering, peeling, hazing, and excessive loss of pigmentation. All warranties will be handled through EGR's Customer Care and no payment to a third-party body shop and/or other painter will be accepted by EGR without prior approval.

Not covered under warranty are damages caused by rock chips, scratching, gouging, body damage, or extreme vehicle use and color matching. All sales are final on painted products unless deemed returnable by EGR Customer Care.