EGR RollTrac™ Manual Retractable Bed Cover Ford F-150 Short Box

Ford (Crew Cab Pickup - Bed Length: 5'7")

SKU: RT038812ML

The ULTIMATE Bed Cover for your Pickup is here! Get ready for the tonneau cover which has it all. Engineered to rigorous global standards and awarded ten international patents, the all-alluminum construction provides a hardcore, tough, and stylish solution to your storage requirements. Keep your storage area safe and secure under the EGR RollTrac.
  • Aluminum construction for security
  • Integrated central locking
  • Smaller cannister to increase more bed space
  • Universal T-rail for mounting accessories
  • Locking tailgate with supplied key
  • Easy to maintain
  • Recommend Professional Installation
  • Unbeatable 5-year warranty
Strong Design - Robust and sleek design with no compromise on quality
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Functionality - Multi positional handle, lock cover at 100mm increments
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Secure - Strong aluminium slats that interlock and cannot be cut or forced
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Weather Resistant - All climates and weather conditions
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Low Maintenance - Easy to clean and remove debris
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Accessories - Universal T-Rail system for accessories
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  • ManufacturerEGR
  • BrandEGR
  • Item Weight158.0 pounds
  • Product Dimensions73 x 22 x 11 in.
  • Country of OriginUSA
  • Item Model NumberRT038812ML
  • Manufacturer Part NumberRT038812ML
Prop65 Warning
Warning: This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Go anywhere confidently
and securely.

The addition of the EGR Rolltrac turns your bed into a safe, secure storage area. Unlike alternatives, this roll cover cannot be cut or forced open thanks to the aluminum slates that interlock, creating an impenatrable barrier.

Opening/closing has never been easier! The Electric EGR Rolltrac operates with the simple push of a button (located on either side of the unit). Our electric roll cover also integrates with your vehicle's existing central locking system allowing you to lock/unlock your vehicle with your original key fob. Lock your vehicle and walk away, knowing your bed is 100% secure.

Manual operation more your style? EGR Rolltrac Manual can be opened and closed with a built-in latch handle that allows the user to easily slide the roll cover to any position and can be locked in 4 inche increments along its journey. Lock your bed with a turn of a key.

EGR Rolltrac
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Precise and

The Electric and Manual EGR Rolltrac boasts a robust and sleek design with no compromise on quality. The exterior of the EGR Rolltrac is finished in a lightly textured sating black powder coat, and distinguished by soft edges and clearly defined formal contours. We're confident you'll agree that the EGR Rolltrac compliments your vehicle's aesthetics perfectly.

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the competition.

The EGR Rolltrac Electric has an intelligent onboard ECU that connects the EGR Rolltrac to your vehicle's remote central locking system. Operating an electric roll cover has never been easier! Intelligent programming offers smooth and safe operation of the unit and a smart power management system that detects a drop in power, preserving what's left so you can start your vehicle.

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and durable.

Protect your vehicles bed from the elements. Large aperture drainage tubes in each corner of the EGR Rolltrac integrate seamlessly and discreetly into the vehicle while interlocking aluminium slats prevent any water penetration.

The EGR RollTrac Sports Bars are designed to specifically integrate with your EGR RollTrac. Already adjusted to align with your roof, the EGR RollTrac Sports Var is finished in a black powder-coat giving you the perfect accessory for your EGR RollTrac.