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Submission Guidelines
  1. Your photo should be a clear image (not blurry, grainy, or fuzzy) of the vehicle and the EGR product against a non-cluttered plain background.
  2. Your photo should be in landscape orientation.
  1. You should not enhance (digitally retouch) your photo in any way (for example-no filter, text, emoji, stickers, etc).
  2. Minimum resolution should be no less than 3MP (2048 x 1536 pixels).

Hood Guards, Fender Flares, Window Visors

When taking pictures of Fender Flares, Hood Guards and/or Window Visors we require either of the two below angles.

No Nos


Due to copyright infringements, we can not use any image that contains any Trademark(s).

Blurred Images

To use your images, we need sharp images.  We can not fix blurred images.

Image Cropping

Please crop your image to highlight the EGR product(s).

Window Stickers

To use your images, we can not have any window stickers left on vehicles.

Digitally Modified

We discourage any digital modified images [background and/or EGR product(s)].


To use your images, watch out for reflection on the vehicles. They require quite a bit of work to digitally remove them.



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