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Integrated Style - Winglet
PART# 713634
Injection Molded
Easy, no drill installation
UV Stable Resists Fading
Limited Lifetime Warranty
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$187.54 USD

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Each EGR Winglet Spoiler is extensively tested to ensure a perfect real-world fit, and is shaped to complement your vehicle. Built with lightweight structural polyurethane and installed with quality 3M tape and adhesive, fitment is easy, exact, and strong. EGR Winglet Spoilers are ready to be painted, or can be installed as-is, in their natural matte black finish.

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    Winglets - Integrated Style
    Technical Information
    StyleIntegrated Style
    Shipping Information
    2011 Base
    2011 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2011 Limited
    2011 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2011 XLT
    2011 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2012 Base
    2012 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2012 Limited
    2012 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2012 XLT
    2012 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2013 Base
    2013 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2013 Limited
    2013 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2013 Sport
    2013 Ford Explorer Sport Sport Utility
    2013 XLT
    2013 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2014 Base
    2014 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2014 Limited
    2014 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2014 Sport
    2014 Ford Explorer Sport Sport Utility
    2014 XLT
    2014 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2015 Base
    2015 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2015 Limited
    2015 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2015 Sport
    2015 Ford Explorer Sport Sport Utility
    2015 XLT
    2015 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2016 Base
    2016 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2016 Limited
    2016 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2016 Platinum
    2016 Ford Explorer Platinum Sport Utility
    2016 Sport
    2016 Ford Explorer Sport Sport Utility
    2016 XLT
    2016 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2017 Base
    2017 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2017 Limited
    2017 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2017 Platinum
    2017 Ford Explorer Platinum Sport Utility
    2017 Sport
    2017 Ford Explorer Sport Sport Utility
    2017 XLT
    2017 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility
    2018 Base
    2018 Ford Explorer  Sport Utility
    2018 Limited
    2018 Ford Explorer Limited Sport Utility
    2018 Platinum
    2018 Ford Explorer Platinum Sport Utility
    2018 Sport
    2018 Ford Explorer Sport Sport Utility
    2018 XLT
    2018 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Utility

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