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In Channel Style - Window Visor
PART# 577971
Promotes Fresh Air Circulation
Helps To Reduce Interior Fogging
Offers Protection From Wind And Rain
Lowers In-Cabin Temperatures In Parked Vehicles
Limited Lifetime Warranty

EGR Window Visors are specifically designed to promote fresh-air circulation throughout your vehicle. With a fully-integrated, custom molded design, EGR Window Visors allow for reduced window fogging; along with a reduced interior temperature while your vehicle is parked.

EGR Window Visors are made of a durable, scratch resistant, UV capped acrylic; which will keep your investment from fading, and keep it looking fresh for years to come. With most EGR Window Visors being available in Dark Smoke and Matte Black, customization will never be lacking for the upgrade enthusiast.

EGR Window Visors feature an easy, no tools necessary, installation process; whether you choose the classic Tape-on style, or the more modern In-channel style, five minutes or less is all you need! Tape-on Visors utilize a dependable 3M adhesive tape, which will ensure that your EGR Window Visors aren't going anywhere. All EGR Window Visors come standard with a Limited Lifetime Warranty; meaning that just like our Window Visors, EGR will always be by your side!

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    Window Visors - In Channel Style
    Technical Information
    CategoryWindow Visors
    StyleIn Channel Style
    ColorDark Smoke
    Sold_asFront and Rear pair
    Shipping Information
    2012 Hybrid LE
    2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE Sedan
    2012 Hybrid XLE
    2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Sedan
    2012 L
    2012 Toyota Camry L Sedan
    2012 LE
    2012 Toyota Camry LE Sedan
    2012 SE
    2012 Toyota Camry SE Sedan
    2012 XLE
    2012 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan
    2013 Hybrid LE
    2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE Sedan
    2013 Hybrid XLE
    2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Sedan
    2013 L
    2013 Toyota Camry L Sedan
    2013 LE
    2013 Toyota Camry LE Sedan
    2013 SE
    2013 Toyota Camry SE Sedan
    2013 XLE
    2013 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan
    2014 Hybrid LE
    2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE Sedan
    2014 Hybrid SE
    2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE Sedan
    2014 Hybrid XLE
    2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE Sedan
    2014 L
    2014 Toyota Camry L Sedan
    2014 LE
    2014 Toyota Camry LE Sedan
    2014 SE Sport
    2014 Toyota Camry SE Sport Sedan
    2014 SE
    2014 Toyota Camry SE Sedan
    2014 XLE
    2014 Toyota Camry XLE Sedan

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